I’ve earned the name of my website.

I have been a professional in numerous fields over the past 20 years. I pull from my expertise of Information Technology (IT) Services, Site Security, gardening, handyman and more to be…

“Gaspar Lopez, Jack of all Trades”

If you ever require my unique combination of expertise contact me. I assure that I’m more than capable of steering you in the right direction. Here’s a list of some of the areas my skills have been utilized.

  • Installation of Internet Services, both wireless and hard-wired.
  • Installation of Security Cameras and all hardware.
  • Trenching and installing electrical conduit and wires.
  • Trenching and installing piping for water systems.
  • Water pump and motor control repairs.
  • Landscape design and maintenance.
  • Pest control and trapping.
  • Carpentry and concrete services
  • Onsite Security Services

reach out to me at gasspar [at] pnc [dot] net and find out if I’m right for your problem!